Protecting your personal data.
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How does Phoenix safeguard your personal data? When a computer (or an isolated drive) is donated, it is taken to a designated triage area in the workshop.  There the hard drive is removed, logged in with the Model and Serial Number and then taken to our secure wiping room.  This room is locked at all times that it is not in use and access is limited to the designated trained staff responsible for hard drive sanitization.  There are three dedicated computers that are used only for sanitizing donated hard drives. The method of sanitization is in accordance with the US Department of Commerce NIST800-88r1 “Purge” Standards, the current US Government standard for data destruction produced in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security in preparation for reuse. Phoenix Computers uses commercial software to wipe the hard drives.  If the hard drive can not be successfully sanitized, it is taken to the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection where it will be ground up for recycling.  Upon successful drive wiping, the software generates a log documenting the hard drive manufacturer, model number, serial number, hard drive size, date of sanitization, method of sanitization, name of the technician performing the work and the date. The software that is used sanitizes the entire device, not just those areas that currently contain data, to ensure that any remnants of previous data are included in the sanitization process.  As you might imagine, this process can take hours but it is needed to ensure that all data is destroyed. The hard drive is then placed into inventory to be used in the refurbishing process. Why not just remove the hard drive prior to donating? Removing the hard drive would certainly eliminate the concern of donating a hard drive that still contained data.  But you still have a hard drive with data on it and simply removing it doesn’t solve the disposal issue.  We often get computers that have the hard drives removed but that just means that we need to purchase a hard drive in order to refurbish the computer. We have worked successfully with a number of organizations for which data security is of the utmost concern.  Among those companies are Suburban Hospital, major Real Estate Development firms, law firms and Montgomery County.
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