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How to Become a Recipient
Phoenix Computers SM is not able to offer computers directly to the public. Our licensing agreement with Microsoft requires that we work through other non profit organizations or government agencies. So, if you want to obtain a computer from Phoenix you will need a Referral from a referring organization. For a list of a few of the organizations that we partner with click here. If you are working with one of these, then all you have to do is speak to them about getting a Referral. If you speak to someone at an organization in the list that isn’t familiar with Phoenix Computers or if you are working with an organization that is not listed, have them contact us at pciappt@gmail.com and we can let them know how to make a Referral. Once you have obtained your Referral all you have to do is to bring it in on the days that we are open to obtain your computer. If you are not working with a case manager or social worker but you are receiving SNAP, SSI or SSDI benefits then just bring a copy of your current award letter or a form letter from a government welfare agency stating that you are low income. The basic desktop computer bundle with Windows 10 or 11 includes the computer itself (which comes in many shapes and sizes), a keyboard and mouse and is priced at $25. A 19” flatscreen monitor is included, or a larger monitor can be purchased. Monitor prices depend on the screen size and whether speakers are built in. We have a wide variety of laptop computers and prices of range from $120 to around $250, depending on the hardware inside. We accept cash, credit/debit cards, and Zelle electronic transfers as payment. We are charged 3% for processing a credit/debit card and that fee is added to your purchase price. There is no added sales tax. Since we refurbish many different types of computers your selection is made from the computers that are on the shelves at the front desk. For desktops you may also wish to purchase a speaker set ($10.) We can provide ethernet cables to connect to an internet modem or you can purchase a WiFi adapter for $15. We usually have color ink jet or black and white laser jet printers priced $20-$30.