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Phoenix ComputersSM accepts donations of new and  used computers, equipment and software. We have a  workshop facility in Rockville, near White Flint Mall, where  our all volunteer staff perform tests, run diagnostics and  make repairs and upgrades on the computers.  The computers are then redistributed at low cost to low  income and disabled individuals and families as well as  non-profit, educational, religion-based, and charitable  organizations that work with low and moderate income  families.  It is estimated that every week more than 16 tons of  computer equipment is thrown into local landfills. By  donating equipment to Phoenix Computers for reuse  instead of paying to have it removed or throwing it out,  you or your business supports green initiatives and at the  same time help others in the community. Give old  technology a new purpose and keep it out of the waste  stream.
...working with the community to bridge the digital divide.SM
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Our Mission: To empower low income families and the disabled by providing low cost refurbished computers.