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Our Customers Speak ....
T. B. - Gilchrist Immigrant Resource Center.
“The volunteers were so friendly and relaxed and they took the time to help me understand how the computer goes together when I got it home.”
“I really appreciate that there is a volunteer who specializes in working with my clients who are visually handicapped. It means so much to them when they get their computer and it gives them a window onto the world.”
J. T. - Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services
“My school counselor made a referral for a computer and I was so thrilled that I came and picked it up the same day. The staff was so helpful and worked with me to select just the right computer. Now I can get my homework assignments online and I don’t have to wait at school or the library to use a computer.”
J. L. 10th grader
R. B. - Veteran’s Administration
“With this computer and the web cam I am now able to use the VA Telehealth program to get in touch with my doctor at the VA Hospital. I have diabetes and it was difficult to get to the hospital sometimes. This makes it so much easier to get the help that I need.”
M. R. - Linkages to Learning
“My son just started in the 3rd grade and he is already learning to use a computer. So it was really helpful to us that we could take advantage of the opportunity to get a computer for the whole family.”
“I lost my eyesight 15 years ago and regained it through surgery. Now I’m losing it again but having a computer from Phoenix allows me to continue writing and publishing. The Ease of Access features in Windows 7 have been very helpful.”
E. R. - Interfaith Works